Monday, August 10, 2009

First impression towards Sugar

When i first Sugar, it looked pretty cool to me as it has very nice handle bars, its very nice portable and its very nice and reliable. It has nice feature as camera, XO to XO connectivity so you can chat or do group work by connecting XO, nice book type folding technology.
The main thing i like in XO is that it doesn't hide the main information that we are using as windows hides everything. XO can be fixed by 10 year old child so that's pretty cool. XO is very handy to use for all ages.
The thing I don't like in XO is its keys, the keys are really very small which makes it hard to type. XO got small screen so that's a bit negative point for it.
But XO got heaps of positive aspects compare to negative aspects so i really like XO and i really suggest everyone to support the Next generation technology as its supporting the lower class countries.

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