Friday, November 20, 2009

Sugar Activity

Our new activity was to download a sugar activity
and upload it on sugar from our USB. After that we
had we had to play that game and think whats good and
whats bad about it. I chose to do G Compris Tangram.
In this game you have make a picture from bits of shapes.
It was fun playing this game. The thing i liked about it
was the tips bar. If you click on that button it gives you
some clues. The thing I didn't liked was that it was really
very easy.

I would be rating **** stars to this activity. This activity
is more suitable for children's about 8- 13 years old.
The interesting game about this game was that you can
challenge your friend or any one. Its overall good game
that's what I can say about it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Etoys Activity

Etoys is a program on sugar by which we can make object moving,
bouncing and many more other thing. We had to do make many
different project one of them was to make he bouncing ball . It
was really hardest project than the other projects we did
in Etoys. It took me double lesson to do finish this off.
The Scipting was hard because we had to make si balls and
give them different scripting. The bouncing ball ws really
big challenge for me in which i succeed to finish it.
This is my script that i used for this project

The good thing I liked about this projsct was it was challenging
and was fun to make. I would really like to do more activities on
Etoysc because its really good program to use.

Comparison between Scratch and Etoys

Hi, We had this project of comparing Etoys and
Scratch. We had to make a project in Etoys and
had to make similar one in Scratch. I chose to make
Dancing Cassy. It was fairly easy to make it. I
had some problem giving the timing change effects but
i worked it out.

This is the script I did for the Scratch.

The Etoys was a bit hard. I was thinking that how
will i draw the picture of Cassy in etoys. But i was
the first one to work it out in class how to put image
in etoys, its really very easy its just drag and drop.
finally I finished of the project.

This is the Script for my etoys project.

In conlusion I would like to say that Scratch
is more easier and better than Etoys as
it got more features like you can put sound
effects on it and even make it change colour in scratch.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Changing XO Icon

In our class last week we were been told to make and
XO icon using HTML( Hyper Text Markup Language) kit and
Opera to view the icon.

I chose to maake the Sony PSP icon. We had to first draw
the icon on the graph paper of 55mm by 55mm. First it
looked a bit hard and i suffered for some time, but
later on it became easier and easier. I used Polylines,
Polygon lines, Arcs, circle and many more. I asked some
help from class mates and came up with this Icon below.

After we finished making our icon we were asked to replace
the XO icon with our new icon that we made. I had trouble
some replacing the XO icon with my icon. Couple of time i
forgot to do last step and couple of time my usb was not good
so it was some trouble changing. After that i asked teacher
for help and then my teacher successfully replaced it. Then too
I didnt giveup so now today i successfully replaced my XO icon.

Monday, August 10, 2009

First impression towards Sugar

When i first Sugar, it looked pretty cool to me as it has very nice handle bars, its very nice portable and its very nice and reliable. It has nice feature as camera, XO to XO connectivity so you can chat or do group work by connecting XO, nice book type folding technology.
The main thing i like in XO is that it doesn't hide the main information that we are using as windows hides everything. XO can be fixed by 10 year old child so that's pretty cool. XO is very handy to use for all ages.
The thing I don't like in XO is its keys, the keys are really very small which makes it hard to type. XO got small screen so that's a bit negative point for it.
But XO got heaps of positive aspects compare to negative aspects so i really like XO and i really suggest everyone to support the Next generation technology as its supporting the lower class countries.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Joel Stanley Talk

On Wednesday 5th of August Joel Stanley visited
our school to give us some information about XO
and how he works in Computing Industry. And
we asked him some following question

1. What do you study at the moment?

Ans. I study Computer System Engineering at Adelaide University.

2. How did you decide to do Computer Engineer?

Ans. I came to Adelaide in camp to visit some universities
and decided to do Computer System Engineer.

3. How did you learned typing?

Ans. I learned typing by MSN.

4. Is that XO being cooked?

Ans. We were experimenting XO because it can stay upto
65 degree Celsius.

5. How long did you worked on this project?

Ans. I worked on this project for 10 years in America.

6. Whats the name of the institute you worked for

Ans. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

7. Do you prefer Windows or Linux? Why?

Ans. I am fan of Linux because Windows annoys me alot.

8. Whats wrong with that XO?

Ans. It was the first XO I experienced it broken.

9. Who invented the screen of XO?

Ans. Mary Lov Jebson is the lady who invented the screen of XO.

10. Wht does the different colours arrows indicates?

Ans. I think the Green ones are countries which are being using XO's and Blue and Purple are the ones who are being trialed to get some Xo's in those countries.

11. How much does the XO usually costs?

Ans. It costs about 200 Us Dollars.

He even gave us some additional information like:
  • A 10 year old can repair XO.
  • Richard Smith is the guy who works on all the small part of XO.
  • He practically showed us how we can even connect and do group chat with ther Xo's.
  • There is a project run by NGO ( Non Government Organisation) buy one and donate one which means buy two XO and get one for you and other one will be given in the smaller and not developed countries.