Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Comparison between Scratch and Etoys

Hi, We had this project of comparing Etoys and
Scratch. We had to make a project in Etoys and
had to make similar one in Scratch. I chose to make
Dancing Cassy. It was fairly easy to make it. I
had some problem giving the timing change effects but
i worked it out.

This is the script I did for the Scratch.

The Etoys was a bit hard. I was thinking that how
will i draw the picture of Cassy in etoys. But i was
the first one to work it out in class how to put image
in etoys, its really very easy its just drag and drop.
finally I finished of the project.

This is the Script for my etoys project.

In conlusion I would like to say that Scratch
is more easier and better than Etoys as
it got more features like you can put sound
effects on it and even make it change colour in scratch.

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